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Joyee Flynn: Barnabas Leopold

Barnabas Leopold is a kind and intelligent half fae, half vampire who comes home to lead the East Coast Council. With the loss of his entire family, Barnabas longs for love to make him feel whole. Miles Juniper, Barnabas's head of security, is fiercely protective of his charge, especially after he realizes they are mates. After several misunderstandings, he believes that Barnabas doesn't love him while everything he does is because of his love for Barnabas. Digger Slane, on the other hand, walks into their mess with his heart on his sleeve when he realizes he's mated to them. His is eager to help Barnabas and Miles resolve their issues so that all three of them may become true mates. Will these men have a chance to truly explore and enjoy the love they share with one another, or will they be torn apart by demons intent on destroying the last Leopold?

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2012
114 oldal · ISBN: 9781622413201

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