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Joss Stirling: Misty Falls

Misty has a 'gift' which means she can't ever lie. Alex is the charismatic star of the high school debate team – gergeous, aloof, and utterly inscrutable. When they meet, chalk and cheese doesn't even BEGIN to cover it! But one of them is about to end up in mortal danger, and soon they'll discover they have more in common than they ever imagined.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2014

Tagok ajánlása: Hány éves kortól ajánlod?

288 oldal · ISBN: 9780192737359

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Arianrhod P>!
Joss Stirling: Misty Falls

Hogy örültem, hogy van folytatás! És még jobban, hogy Vic sok szerepet kapott. Persze nem egyedül, minden régebbi főszereplő megjelent, és két „savant” pár is egymásra talált. Misty különleges képessége tényleg kiborító, mindig meg kell mondania az igazat, és beteggé teszi, ha más a környezetében hazudik. Ha nekem ilyenem volna, nem sokáig bírtam volna. Tuti, hogy elvonultam volna lakni a Szeleta-barlangba, ahogy egyébként azt többször is elterveztem. (Az egyedüli visszatartó erő az angol vécé hiánya volt.)

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Joss Stirling: Misty Falls

Nagyon szeretem ezt a sorozatot és alig vártam, hogy folytathassam tovább. Misty és Alex kapcsolata nagyon aranyos volt. A romantika mellett végére megint kapunk egy kis akciót is amitől izgalmassá válik a történet. Azt kicsit sajnáltam, hogy a Benedict testvérek a háttérbe szorultak kicsit ebben a részben már.

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Arianrhod P>!

I liked animals, was comfortable around them, because they couldn’t lie.


His gaze was now fixed on my hair, which had had the benefit of its usual taming treatment and looked completely normal for me, ripples rather than finger-in-a-socket crazy curls.
‘You did something to it.’ That acted like a splash of cold water, waking me up out of my brief visit to my saintly side. And he was supposed to be charming? Around me he appeared to be my match for bluntness.
‘Yes, I did.’ I didn’t want to test my ‘be nice to Alex’ attitude too much this early on; being sympathetic in theory was easier than in practice. He just wound me up by breathing and, to be fair to him, that was my problem rather than his. But he did not know when to stop digging.
‘Your hair looks … much better. Nice.’ Now wasn’t that the word of the day?
‘Why, thank you, kind sir.’ I could feel my irritation levels rising. Who was he to pass judgement on my hair after all?


‘I’m sorry. Not that you aren’t a gorgeous man but there’s no chance, even with a soulseeker tip-off.’ Uriel blinked at her strong rejection.
‘Why? Shouldn’t we at least check with telepathy?’ She patted his hand.
‘Trust me, I know.’
‘How do you know? Have you located your soulfinder?’
‘Then why?’ She took a sip of coffee, eyes sparkling over the rim of her tall glass.
‘My soulfinder, when I meet her, is not likely to look like a GQ model.’
Oops: seems as if Opal’s file missed out some essential facts about Francie.


I emerged from my room looking like I’d had a close encounter with a hedge trimmer. I’d made the mistake of washing my hair before going to bed, forgetting that my curl-taming lotion was back in a Heathrow bin. I held up my hand as Uriel and Opal caught a glimpse of me.
‘Don’t. I know.’ Hazel cartwheeled into the kitchen.
‘Hey, Misty, what’s happened to your hair? You look funny.’ Just then I felt a hot resentment of Hazel’s neat black plaits. Opal had escaped the plague of the frizzy hair that had been inherited by some members of our family and so her children were free of the jinx.
‘I do not look funny, Hazel. I’m just channelling my inner alpaca.’


‘Welcome to my family,’ I said to Uriel. ‘We are all certifiable.’
He offered his hands to the girls to hold for crossing the road. ‘Makes me feel right at home.’


I had inherited the same wildly frizzy hair as Crystal but several shades paler. Without my hair lotion I would be wandering round Cape Town looking like an alpaca in need of a shearing.


We had excellent at seat service thanks to his all-round hunkiness; the cabin attendants couldn’t do enough for him and I was the happy recipient of the overflow of their goodwill. I nudged him after we had yet another refill.
‘It’s not fair, you know.’ He looked up from his screen.
‘What’s not fair?’
‘You good-looking people. You don’t realize what it is like to be the rest of us.’ He opened his mouth, then paused, trying to sense if my gift was under wraps or roaming free.
‘It’s OK. You can lie if you want. It’s in here.’ I tapped my head.
‘I wasn’t going to lie exactly.’
‘But … ?’
‘I was going to say that I didn’t notice, but I do. And it’s stupid.’ A little huff fluttered his golden-brown fringe. ‘I don’t see myself like that. It’s what’s inside that counts.’
‘Yeah, but us moths are attracted to flame and you and your brothers are like candles.’


‘It’s OK. My fault.’
‘Yes, it was.’ Uriel looked disconcerted. He had been intending to say something kind and consoling but instead had blurted out the truth. My grip on my gift had to have slipped. Again.
‘That was me,’ I muttered, cheeks burning. ‘My control is a bit iffy.’
He gave a funny-sounding laugh.
‘Yes, Xav warned me about that. I’ll have to take care around you, won’t I?’
Behind us I could hear a woman confessing, to her own great surprise, that she was attempting to smuggle drugs through security. Policemen were descending. Uriel arched a brow. I nodded.
‘Maybe I should leave you here. They wouldn’t need a scanner.’


She straightened up and gave an impressive whistle.
‘Hey, cupcake, let your brother go or he’ll miss his plane!’ Xav looked across at us, his eyes alive with laughter.
Next to the fair St Michael Uriel, Xav was more a dark-haired Lucifer, or, changing mythologies, Loki with a wicked twinkle.
‘OK, Beauty, message received loud and clear.’

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