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Understand Computers – Craft Better Code
Jonathan E. Steinhart: The Secret Life of Programs

A primer on the underlying technologies that allow computer programs to work. Covers topics like computer hardware, combinatorical logic, sequential logic, computer architecture, computer anatomy, and Input/Output.

Computer programming is not abstract and programs run on a machine. Knowing how computers work and how programs run on them is essential to becoming a better programmer, and understanding underlying technologies can help you develop a sense of what can go wrong. Foundations of Computer Programming fills in the gaps in computer education by giving readers a look under the hood of programming, at the machine. Readers learn how software behaves when running on hardware; how programs manipulate data in memory; how computers process languages; and how web browsers work. They'll also learn how to write efficient programs, computer security basics, and real-world considerations to have in mind when writing code.

No Starch, San Francisco, Amerikai Egyesült Államok, 2019
504 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781593279707

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As you'll see in this book, understanding memory is a key skill for programmers. When you're learning to program, it's easy to develop habits that become hard to break. Studies have shown that children who grew up playing at so-called „safe” playgrounds have a higher rate of injuries later in life than those who didn't , presumably because they didn't learn that falling hurts. Programming is an analogous situation. Safe programming environments make getting started less scary, but you also need to prepare for the outside world.


Jonathan E. Steinhart: The Secret Life of Programs Understand Computers – Craft Better Code

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