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Jon Padgett: The Broker of Nightmares

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This is the debut title from the Nightscape Press Charitable Chapbooks line. Forty percent of net sales from this eBook will go to support the ACLU.

When she was young, Slaw often woke screaming. In the darkness of her bedroom, she would whisper a single prayer to the invisible gods of her childhood: “Please don’t let me dream.” But as she grew older, day-to-day life overwhelmed her imagination—smothering her dreams under the pillow of the mundane.
Now a stressed, middle-aged ER doctor at Dunnstown General, Slaw receives a strange proposition from a junkie would-be-patient.
A dream for a drug.
The days that follow lead to terror, seduction, self-loathing, and enlightenment as Dr. Slaw breaks the yoke of her humdrum existence and slakes her dream-thirst. But can she survive in a new world where everything she sees and touches blooms with the most opulent nightmares?
And, if she does survive, what will Dr. Slaw become?

46 oldal · ASIN: B07N8GXLW2 · Illusztrálta: Luke Spooner

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