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For the last few years, Veronica Croydon has been at the center of scandal, first as the younger woman for whom her famous professor left his wife, and then as the apparent widow of that man. When a writer staying at the same vacation home as Veronica has the chance to hear her story, he jumps at it. What follows takes him to the dark heart of a father's troubled relationship with his only son, in a story that stretches from a college town in the Hudson Valley to the battlefields on Afghanistan, from post-9/11 America to the height of Victorian England. It is a story that leads inexorably to the Belvedere House, the home Veronica shares with her husband, within whose walls a father's terrible words to his son echo and gain in awful force.
With nods to Peter Straub, H.P. Lovecraft, and Charles Dickens, House of Windows is a tense, frightening exploration of a marriage under strain from forces psychological and supernatural, a meditation on the ways loss haunts every one of us.

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“Veronica,” Dr. Hawkins said, “I don’t want you to misinterpret this, but the dead are fearsome. I’m not talking about floating white sheets. I’m talking about the losses that score themselves on us. They are greedy. They are always hungry.
They will take whatever you have to give them and it won’t be enough. It will never be enough. I lost my sister to leukemia twenty years ago and it still grieves me. You cannot make the dead happy. You cannot achieve any kind of mystical understanding with them. Those things are the province of movies and bad self-help books. I’m sorry to speak in metaphors, but I hope my point is plain enough. You have to leave the dead to themselves, and attend to your life.”

Part 1: Mutual Weirdness

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They look so alien, gas masks. You may tell yourself they’re shaped like the faces of elephants, but no elephant ever looked like these things. They’re the cubist nightmare of an elephant. People put them on and become different.

Part 2: Malediction

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