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John Grisham: The Rainmaker John Grisham: The Rainmaker John Grisham: The Rainmaker John Grisham: The Rainmaker John Grisham: The Rainmaker

In his final semester of law school, Rudy Baylor is required to provide free legal advice to a group of senior citizens, and it is here that he meets his first „clients,” Dot and Buddy Black. Their son, Donny Ray, is dying of leukemia, and their insurance company has flatly refused to pay for his medical treatments. While Rudy is at first skeptical, he soon realizes that the Blacks really have been shockingly mistreated by the huge company, and that he may have just stumbled upon one of the largest insurance frauds anyone's ever seen – and one of the most lucrative and important cases in the history of Tennessee law. The problem is, Rudy's flat broke, has no job, hasn't even passed the bar, and is about to go head to head with one of the best defense attorneys – and powerful industries – in America.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1995

Arrow, Washington, 2007
568 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780099179610
Delta, 2005
576 oldal · ISBN: 9780385339605
Island Books, 1996
598 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 044022165X

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John Grisham: The Rainmaker

Kicsit nehezen indult, de az utolso harmadra mar annyira felporogtek az esemenyek, hogy nem tudtam letenni. A befejezes nagyon nem tetszett, teljesen mast vartam. 10-bol 8 pontot azert mindenkeppen erdemel.

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