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John Fowles: The Tree John Fowles: The Tree

In this series of moving recollections involving both his childhood and his work as a mature artist, John Fowles explains the impact of nature on his life and the dangers inherent in our traditional urge to categorise, to tame and ultimately to possess the landscape. This acquisitive drive leads to alienation and an antagonism to the apparent disorder and randomness of the natural world.
For John Fowles the tree is the best analogue of prose fiction, symbolising the wild side of our psyche, and he stresses the importance in art of the unpredictable, the unaccountable and the intuitive.
This fascinating text gives a unique insight into the author and offers the key to a true understanding of the inspiration for his work.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1979

Vintage, London, 2000
96 oldal · ISBN: 0099282836

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