Jill Bennett (szerk.)

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Jill Bennett (szerk.): Skylark Science Fiction Stories

Science fiction offers exciting adventures here on earth, as well as memorable visions of the future on other worlds. Both adults and children will be stimulated by the stories in this collection of encounters with weird beings and dazzling new technology.

There is fun as two children outwit their robot nanny, and space travellers find rocks that talk; thrills when five teenagers are trapped in a time-wrap on a quiet Scottish beach; and mystery when a toy gun turns out to be more than just a toy.

Readers of all ages will enjoy these intriguing stories and the lively illustrations of spaceships, robots, and creatures from outer space that accompany them.


Book Club Associates, London, 1980
192 oldal · keménytáblás · Illusztrálta: Peter Gregory, Arthur Ranson

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