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Jessica Shirvington: Empower Jessica Shirvington: Empower Jessica Shirvington: Empower

It's all come down to this.

The final battle between Angels and Exiles is about to begin in this stunning conclusion to the must-read series Entertainment Weekly calls „addictive.”

Two years ago, Violet Eden walked away from her home, her friends, the Academy, and hardest of all, she walked away from her soul mate, Lincoln.

But it's time to stop running.

Violet must find out who she really is—and exactly what she is capable of—before the abilities the angels gave her are turned against them. She is all that stands between the forces of good and evil…

It's time to make a choice

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2014

Tagok ajánlása: Hány éves kortól ajánlod?

494 oldal · ASIN: B00JV1Q3XC
Sourcebooks Fire, Naperville, Illinois, USA, 2014
496 oldal · ISBN: 9781402294600

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Violet Eden · Lincoln Wood · Onyx

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'Anyone tried to kill you?’ he asked.
I rolled my eyes. ‘Not yet,’ I replied.
He shrugged. ‘Blow anything up?’
‘Not yet,’ I said again, fighting the urge to smile.
‘Eh. Still early days.’

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Everything is so huge with you. Big moments. Life-threatening sacrifices. World-changing triumphs. But love isn’t like that. Love is all the small moments. It’s what fills the quiet.


‘Do you still dread me?’
His left hand encircled my waist and I knew I should be moving away, but I didn’t, not even when his other hand moved up to cup my face. All I could do was watch him as he said, ‘I stopped trying to deny this love a long time ago.’ If possible his eyes became even more intense. ‘I’m not afraid of us being together any more. Not one bit. Violet, I … I breathe you. I live you. I love you.’
I swallowed, locked in his gaze.
He moved closer, so his lips were just millimetres away from touching mine. ‘The only thing I dread is another moment of my life without you as mine, the way I’m forever yours.’

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Lincoln Wood · Violet Eden

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