The ​Truth Behind Men in Black 0 csillagozás

Jenny Randles: The Truth Behind Men in Black

Stranger ​than the X-Files…Darker than your worst nightmares-And all too true…

You've just spotted it. Strange, circular, and whizzing through the night sky. You've never seen anything like it in your life-you think it might be a UFO. As you turn around to head back to your house, someone taps you on the shoulder-and the nightmare has just begun…

It's a phenomenon as old as the sighting of UFOs-and perhaps stranger than the sightings themselves: Men in Black. With eerie consistency, UFO witnesses around the world report their presence after a sighting or alien abduction. But who are these shadowy figures-men dressed in dark clothing who seem to know intimate details about witnesses' lives…and who strike unearthly fear in these people in order to keep then quiet about what they saw? Are they just a figment of overactive imaginations? Are they government agents? Secret Service men? Aliens? Or part of a much darker force whose urgent mission remains veiled in… (tovább)

St. Martin's, USA, 1997
256 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 0312965214

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