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Jennifer Cody: Knight to Castle Two Jennifer Cody: Knight to Castle Two


Surviving ​as a human in the world of Non-Humans means that every breath I’ve taken for twelve years could have been my last. If the Demons don’t kill me, the Elves just might. Or my brother could. I love him, but I love him too much, and I’ve known since I was a kid I didn’t feel all that brotherly toward him. We might not share genetics, but that’s no excuse. I could probably hide these feelings if he didn’t return them. I work non-stop to keep myself out of temptations claws, but as his birthday draws closer, the will to keep my hands off fractures more and more. The only thing binding me to my hands-off rule is a contract I have with a Diviner, but that might not be enough.


My brother has never laid a finger on me, but as my powers grow, so does my need to connect. I can burn every inch of his skin, but my powers keep growing, and just burning him isn’t enough anymore. I need to connect, I need to push my fire into him with panting, heaving,… (tovább)

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