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Stories from the World of Zoos
Jeffrey P. Bonner: Sailing with Noah

Written ​by the president of the nation's number-one zoo, „Sailing with Noah” is an intensely personal, behind-the-scenes look at modern zoos. Jeffrey P. Bonner, who was trained as an anthropologist and came to the zoo world quite by accident, shares some of the most compelling stories ever told about contemporary zoos. The stories jump between zoos in different cities and between countries on different continents. Some are fun and funny. Others, like the following, are sad, even tragic. Pete Hoskins, the director of the Philadelphia Zoo, is in bed, sound asleep, when his phone rings…'There's been a fire in the World of Primates,' he is told. 'You've got to get over here.' Whatever he has been dreaming, it is nothing like the nightmare he will find now that he is awake…'They're all gone. They're all gone.' All of the animals in the building – the gorillas, the lemurs, the orangutans, and the gibbons – all twenty-three of them are dead. Written in a lively, accessible style,… (tovább)

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