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Jeaniene Frost: Outtakes from the Grave Jeaniene Frost: Outtakes from the Grave

Cat and Bones fans, sink your teeth into this new outtakes compilation from New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost!

Indulge your love of paranormal super couple Cat and Bones with this ultimate “director’s cut” collection of deleted scenes and alternate versions from the first four novels in the Night Huntress series, complete with author commentary on each selection. Includes: the original beginnings of Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, At Grave’s End, and Destined for an Early Grave: a chapter written in Bones’s point of view; alternate versions of sections of Halfway to the Grave, One Foot in the Grave, and Destined for an Early Grave; the “white wedding” scene between Cat and Bones that never made it into the final books…and much more!

Blackstone, Ashland, Oregon, 2016
ASIN: B01ANZTVEW · Felolvasta: Tavia Gilbert
NYLA, New York, 2015
384 oldal · ISBN: 9781943772346 · ASIN: B018TA6XFI

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Bones (Crispin Russell) · Catherine Crawfield · Denise MacGregor

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Jeaniene Frost: Outtakes from the Grave

Nagyon megörültem, amikor felfedeztem ezt Scribden, nem tudtam, hogy létezik.
Szinte az összes kivágott és alternatív jelenet tetszett és jó volt újra felidézni a történetet. :) Voltak persze részek, amiket legszívesebben átugrottam volna, mondjuk, az az idő, amit külön töltöttek vagy a 4.rész, de végül azok se voltak rosszak és kárpótolt minden más. Viszont rá kellett jönnöm, hogy a 4.részre nagyon gyengén emlékszem, hogy az 5.-ről ne is beszéljek :/ Érik itt egy újraolvasás… muhaha! Volt, hogy teljesen új dolgot adtak a történethez, volt, hogy csak pár plusz mosolyt értek el nálam. :) Ez szerencsére gyakori volt. Nem fogok már sokáig kitartani az utolsó rész el nem olvasásával, attól tartok. :D
Összességében, természetesen imádtam egészet, jó volt belátni kicsit a színfalak mögé is!

sentimentalfrappe P>!
Jeaniene Frost: Outtakes from the Grave

Ez a kis gyűjtemény az első négy könyvből tartalmaz többnyire törölt jeleneteket. Volt két fordulat is ami át lett írva, az egyik a második részben (ez nem akkora fordulat), a másik pedig a negyedik részben (ez annál inkább). A negyedik könyv közepe teljesen máshogy történt eredetileg, mint ahogy aztán megjelent. Le is sokkolt rendesen, nem számítottam erre. Rajongóknak mindenképpen érdemes elolvasni. Főleg az eléggé csalódást keltő befejező rész után.

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Bones gave me a crooked smile. “Never forget to follow your own advice, hmm? Bloody hell, I’m right proud of you. I’d be staring at my body from a block away now if this was real.”
“Glad you approve,” I said and lay down next to him on the hard cave floor.
He shifted until he put his arm under my head, and I moved even closer to him. What a strange, strange relationship this was. Beating the hell out of each other and then cuddling afterward. I wouldn’t know normal if it shot me in the ass.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bones (Crispin Russell) · Catherine Crawfield

You took a short trip off your high horse and found out you loved walking on the ground.

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bones (Crispin Russell) · Catherine Crawfield

“How many times have I told you, when someone is down, you kick them, you don’t ask if they’re bloody all right,” he shot back. “They’re not supposed to be all right, are they? No, that’s why it’s called a fight and not a chat. You’ll get yourself killed one day checking to see if someone’s really hurt. When will you learn that someone isn’t really hurt unless they’re dead?”

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bones (Crispin Russell)

“Let’s go somewhere softer, pet,” he said, urging me up. “You need patching up and I need you.”
Even with me poking three different holes in him, he was still in the mood. In a sick way, it was admirable.
“Can’t you just fake impotence and take a nap? You really bashed my ribs earlier. I hope your chest still hurts. You deserved it.”

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bones (Crispin Russell) · Catherine Crawfield

Bones was a firm believer in kissing something to make it feel better. And better and better. Who was I to argue with sound medicine?

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bones (Crispin Russell)

“Penny for your thoughts?” He had a crafty curl to his lips that let me know he could pretty well guess what I had been thinking. Well, some of it.
I put the truck in gear and spoke without looking at him, concentrating on the roads. “Just remembering the last time we were in this truck after dark. You nearly punched a hole through my head. You might not want to do that this time. It would ruin my hair, and you just paid a lot for it.”
He gave a low chuckle. “Still sore about that? Blimey, you should have seen how you looked that night to me. As rattled as a snake in a box filled with mongooses, you were. Thought you’d jump out of your skin when I pulled my trousers down. No wonder I had you pegged for an innocent. I’ve met nuns who were more promiscuous.”

Kapcsolódó szócikkek: Bones (Crispin Russell) · Catherine Crawfield

“So this is the latest bloodsucking murderer you’ve befriended, Catherine.”
No “hello, how ya doing, nice to see you.” Not her. Just straight to the throat and tear. She and vampires had a lot in common.


“You know, luv, I’ve been wondering something ever since I found out you were engaged. Which is more frustrating for you? Having to hide your eyes every time Noah’s inside you so he doesn’t see their glow… or not needing to shut them at all?”


Jeez, courtship had been easier when we first met. I’d snarled and plotted to kill him; he’d pummeled me and made fun of my training progress.


Oh, by the way, Cat,” she went on. “I have Crispin’s birthday present in the trunk. Do remind me to give it to you to take home.”
“It better not have a pussy.” The words flew out before my mental filter could stop them.

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