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Jean-Paul Sartre: Nausea Jean-Paul Sartre: Nausea Jean-Paul Sartre: Nausea

The ​classic Existentialist novel, with a new introduction by renowned poet, translator, and critic Richard Howard.

Winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize for Literature, Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher, critic, novelist, and dramatist, holds a position of singular eminence in the world of letters. Among readers and critics familiar with the whole of Sartre's work, it is generally recognized that his earliest novel, La Nausée (first published in 1938), is his finest and most significant. It is unquestionably a key novel of the twentieth century and a landmark in Existentialist fiction.

Nausea is the story of Antoine Roquentin, a French writer who is horrified at his own existence. In impressionistic, diary form he ruthlessly catalogues his every feeling and sensation. His thoughts culminate in a pervasive, overpowering feeling of nausea which „spreads at the bottom of the viscous puddle, at the bottom of our time—the time of purple suspenders and broken chair seats; it… (tovább)

New Directions, New York, 2007
192 oldal · ISBN: 9780811217002 · Fordította: Lloyd Alexander
Penguin, London, 2000
256 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780141185491

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I dream about words, that's all.

53. oldal (Penguin Books, 2000)


If I were to go on a voyage, I think I should like to make written notes of every aspect of my character before leaving, so that on my return I could compare what I used to be and what I have become. I've read that there are travellers who have changed physically and mentally to such an extent that their closest relatives didn't recognize them when they come back.

54. oldal (Penguin Books, 2000)

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