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Jay Bell: Language Lessons

Love doesn't come easy. For Joey, he didn't care if it ever came at all. He was much too busy adding notches to his bedpost and preparing for life as an adult. But when a casual fling waxes nostalgic about the one that got away, Joey starts to wonder if he isn't missing something after all, if there really is something to be learned from the language of love.

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Jay Bell: Language Lessons


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People were like clockwork. Sluggish clockwork desperately in need of oiling and maintenance, maybe, but still reliable. Most people did roughly the same thing at roughly the same time every day, even if they weren’t aware of it.

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Being gay could make the rest of the world feel a little distant at times, but it made instant family of others like him.

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As soon as Joey was old enough to escape the primary-colored nightmare that was children’s fashion, he had taken to wearing slacks, ties, and sometimes even suits.

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Believe it or not, women do get tired of hearing their own voices

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