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From the two ends of the steppe
János Sipos: Kazakh folksongs

What ​business does a Hungarian ethnomusicologist have in the Kazakh steppe? Let us remember a beautiful wording by Bence Szabolcsi: Hungarians are the outermost branch leaning this way from age-old tree of the great Asian musical culture rooted in the souls of a variety of peoples living from China through Central Asia to the Black Sea.

While the languages of different Turkic peoples have been subjected to thorough comparative analyses, only the first few steps have been taken in the comparative research of their musics. In the multitude of arising questions, it is highly intriguing to explore whether traces of old Turkic musical styles can still be detected in contemporary Turkic folk musics. One of the main questions appealing to Hungarians is to see how Turkic folk music styles relate to layers of Hungarian folk music.

One might also wonder why collect personally instead of studying the books on folk music. First, because there are no comprehensive… (tovább)

Akadémiai, Budapest, 2001
204 oldal · ISBN: 9630577542 · Fordította: Judit Pokoly

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