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Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen

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New ​secrets, old flames, and hidden agendas are about to send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most outrageous adventure yet!

Dickie Orr
Stephanie was married to him for about fifteen minutes before she caught him cheating on her with her archnemesis, Joyce Barnhardt. Another fifteen minutes after that, Stephanie filed for divorce, hoping never to see either one of them again.

Doing favors for super bounty hunter Carlos Manoso (aka Ranger)
Ranger needs Stephanie to meet with Dickie and find out if he’s doing something shady. Turns out, he is. Turns out, Dickie’s also back to doing Joyce Barnhardt. And it turns out Ranger’s favors always come with a price. . . .

Going completely nutso while doing the favor for Ranger, and trying to apply bodily injury to Dickie in front of the entire office
Now Dickie has disappeared, and Stephanie is the natural suspect in his… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2007

St. Martin's, New York, 2008
344 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780312349509
Macmillan, London, 2007
ASIN: B000SAGXSU · Felolvasta: Lorelei King
St. Martin's, London, 2007
320 oldal · ISBN: 0312349491

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Stephanie Plum · Ranger

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Janet Evanovich: Lean Mean Thirteen

Az előző részekhez képest kicsit lapos volt. Már a felénél rá lehet jönni egy nagyobbnak szánt csavarra, és a végén sem lepődtem meg. Jó volt, de remélem a következő rész azért jobb lesz.

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„Do you have money for the girls?” I asked him.
„I try not to hand money out at strip bars. Its like feeding stray cats. Once you feed them, they never go away.”
„Yes, but I'll be there to protect you this time.”
Ranger was a bimbo magnet.
The dancers finished their set, and one immediately strolled over to our table and straddled Ranger.
„Want a private party?” she asked.
„Not tonight,” Ranger said. He handed her a twenty, and she left.
„What about the cat-feeding theory?” I asked him.
„Out the window.”
Our drinks were delivered and a new dancer popped up in front of Ranger. "Hey
sweetie," she said. „How's it going?” And before Ranger had a chance to answer, she had her huge breasts in his face and her leg over his lap.
„Not tonight,” Ranger said. He handed her a twenty, and she left.
„I'm seeing a pattern here,” I said to Ranger. „How often do you come here?”
„Too often. I thought you were going to run interference.”
„It's like they come out of nowhere. Before I know it, they're on top of you.”
A woman in rhinestone pasties and a rhinestone G-string stopped by, and Ranger
handed her a twenty before she got her leg over him.
„You could go through a lot of money fast this way,” I said to Ranger.

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Grandma opened the box and hauled out a stuffed cat. It was standing on four stiff legs, and its tail looked like a bottlebrush. Like maybe the cat had been electrocuted while standing in the rain.
„Ain't that a pip!” Grandma said. „I always wanted a cat.”
My mother turned white and clapped a hand over her mouth.
„Holy crap,” my father said. „Is that son of a bitch dead?”
„His name is Blackie,” Coglin said.
Grandma dragged an extra chair to the table so Blackie could eat with us. Blackie
had close-set eyes, one higher in his head than the other, giving him a pissed-off, slightly deranged expression. He peered over the edge of the table, one eye focused on Morelli and one eye on his water glass.
Morelli burst out laughing, I gave him an elbow, and he bowed his head and sunk his teeth into his lower lip to gain some self-control. His face turned red, and he started to sweat with the effort.
Bob growled low in his throat and pressed himself against my leg.
„I'm not eating with a dead cat at the table,” my father said.
Grandma put her hands over Blackie's ears. „You'll hurt his feelings,” she said to my
„Just shoot me,” my father said. „Morelli, give me your gun.”
My mother was on her third glass of wine. „Honestly, Frank,” she said. "You're such a
drama queen."

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