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Jana Downs: Ravyn's Mates

After years of waiting, Michel and Cord have finally found their third mate in the Ravyn warrior Druas. When a demon Prince sends them on a mission that will allow them to grow closer to the object of their mutual affection, both men jump at the offer. The demon's easy acceptance of their unconventional relationship wasn't something they were prepared for, but neither is willing to question it. Druas never dreamed his next mission would result in finding he had not one but two shape-shifting mates. After the initial discomfort and aggression caused by Michel and Cord's mating pheromones, Druas is happier than he ever thought possible. But one fateful battle changes everything when Druas is kidnapped and his memories are erased. Can Michel and Cord open their mate's eyes to the truth, or will the Ravyn be forced to face the loss of more than just his recollections?

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2012
198 oldal · ISBN: 9781622415465

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