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The Guide to Remaking Yourself Exactly As You Are
James Robbins: Build a Better Buddha

These days, the search for self-actualization and liberation can be rather overwhelming. With so many spiritual systems and teachings readily available, many of us feel confused and intimidated. We want to find just the „right” system or teacher--but how? In this book, James Robbins guides you beyond the seeming complexities and idiosyncrasies of various beliefs and traditions, redirecting you toward a few, simple truths common to all paths of realization. In doing so, Robbins helps you recognize and distill the core teachings of both traditional and non-traditional paths into your own unique way. With this book you learn that you already have everything you need to expand your conscious awareness, recognize where you are on your path, and fully experience the profound beauty of life and the world we live in--right here, right now.

Nicolas-Hays, USA, 2003
336 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 0892540656

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