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Jack London: The Call of the Wild (Longman Classics)

Following Sterling's spectacularly successful launch of its children's classic novels (240,000 books in print to date),comes a dazzling new series: Classic Starts. The stories are abridged; the quality is complete. Classic Starts treats the world's beloved tales (and children) with the respect they deserve--all at an incomparable price.

Here is the ultimate dog story, one filled with emotion, adventure, and excitement.
During the Gold Rush, Buck is snatched away from his peaceful home and brought to the harsh and bitter Yukon to become a sled dog. Will he adapt, and learn to trust men? Or will his newly awakened primitive instincts lead him to search for the freedom he has never known?

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Pearson Longman, Essex, 1991
74 oldal · ISBN: 0582030447 · Illusztrálta: Tudor Humphries

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