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When ​Off Season, a novel about horror and cannibalism in modern-day Maine, was first released in 1980, it took readers by storm and sold over 250,000 copies. However, the original edition was edited and content was removed from the story at the publisher's request. The whole effect of the book was deemed too intense, particularly the ending. The Overlook Connection Press has released the novel in its original unexpurgated state for the first time anywhere. The author's original vision can now be read.

September. A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River--off season--awaiting her sister and friends. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks in the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall…And before too many hours pass, five civilized, sophisticated people and one tired old country sheriff will learn just how primitive we all are beneath the surface…and that… (tovább)

264 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9781626412064
47North, Seattle, 2006
320 oldal · ASIN: B001C2ZQDQ
Leisure Books, USA, 1980
308 oldal · ISBN: 0843956968

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