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The Shamanic Teachings of the Plant World
J. P. Harpignies (szerk.): Visionary Plant Consciousness

23 ​leading experts reveal the ways that psychoactive plants allow nature’s “voice” to speak to humans and what this communication means for our future

• Presents the specific “human-plant interconnection” revealed by visionary plants

• Explores the relevance of plant-induced visions and shamanic teachings to humanity’s environmental crisis

• With contributions from Terence McKenna, Andrew Weil, Wade Davis, Michael Pollan, Alex Grey, Jeremy Narby, Katsi Cook, John Mohawk, Kat Harrison, and others

Visionary plants have long served indigenous peoples and their shamans as enhancers of perception, thinking, and healing. These plants can also be important guides to the reality of the natural world and how we can live harmoniously in it.

In Visionary Plant Consciousness, editor J. P. Harpignies has gathered presentations from the Bioneers annual conference of environmental and social visionaries that explore how plant consciousness affects the… (tovább)

Park Street Press, USA, 2007
224 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781594771477

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