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J. G. Ballard: Cocaine Nights J. G. Ballard: Cocaine Nights J. G. Ballard: Cocaine Nights

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Five people die in an unexplained house fire in the Spanish resort of Estrella de Mar, an exclusive enclave for the rich, retired British, centred around the thriving Club Nautico.
The club manager, Frank Prentice, pleads guilty to charges of murder – yet not even the police believe him. When his brother Charles arrives to unravel the truth, he gradually discovers that behind the resort's civilized façade lurks a secret world of crime, drugs and illicit sex…

Both an engrossing mystery and an unnerving vision of a society coming to terms with a life of almost unlimited leisure, Cocaine Nights is a stunningly original work from the bestselling author of Crash, Empire of the Sun and Super-Cannes.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1996

Flamingo, London, 1996
328 oldal · ISBN: 0002241358

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