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Ian Stewart: Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Did ​you find maths boring at school? That's because it was! When he was fourteen, Ian Stewart, now undoubtedly one of the best know mathematicians alive, started a maths notebook. Like a magpie he collected every interesting thing he could find out about the maths that wasn't taught at school. And that meant all the fun and intriguing stuff.
His notebook finally became six, then spilled over into Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities. Open its drawers and discover a fabulous lifetime collection of games, puzzles, stories, jokes and factoids, odd items of mathematical culture, buzzwords, card tricks, things to make and things to do.
You'll find out how to extract a cherry from a coctail glass or make money simple by proving the obvious – oh, and what the deal is with Fermat's last thorem, the Poincaré Conjecture, Chaos Theory, Fractals and Penrose Patterns, and the real reason you can't divide anything by zero.
As it presents problems and… (tovább)

Profile Books, London, 2008
310 oldal · ISBN: 9781846680649

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