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Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me

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Vivienne Michel is in trouble. Trying to escape her tangled past, she has run away to the American backwoods, winding up at the Dreamy Pines Motor Court. A far cry from the privileged world she was born to, the motel is also the destination of two hardened killers – the perverse Sol Horror and the deadly Sluggsy Morant. When a coolly charismatic Englishman turns up, Viv, in terrible danger, is not just hopeful, but fascinated. Because he is James Bond, 007; the man she hopes will save her, the spy she hopes will love her.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1962

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Thomas & Mercer, Seattle, 2012
168 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781612185538
Penguin, New York, 2003
164 oldal · ISBN: 9780142003268
Coronet, 1988
172 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 0340425695

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James Bond

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Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Loved Me

Bár sokan a leggyengébb Bond történetek közé sorolják – sőt maga Fleming is megtagadta –, de szerintem közel sem olyan rossz. Amíg tart leköt, nagyjából ennyi. A más nézőpontból elmesélés nem volt rossz ötlet az írótól – valami hasonlóval már megpróbálkozott a Quantum of Solace című novellája esetében is.
A filmet felesleges összehasonlítani a könyvvel: a címen kívül ugyanis semmiféle egyezés nincs a kettő között…

Signet, USA, 1963
144 oldal · puhatáblás

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SDániel P>!

Before I met Kurt, I had been a bird with a wing down. Now I had been shot in the other.

Part One - Me / Five - A Bird With a Wing Down, 57. oldal

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The true jungle of the world, with its real monsters, only rarely shows itself in the life of a man, a girl, in the street. But it is always there. You take a wrong step, play the wrong card in Fate's game, and you are in it and lost – lost in a world you had never imagined, against which you have no knowledge and no weapons. No compass.

Part Two - Them / The I Began to Scream, 83. oldal

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Love of life is born in the awareness of death, of the dread of it. Nothing makes one really grateful for life except the black wings of danger.

Part Two - Them / The I Began to Scream, 86. oldal

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He turned to the Englishman. "Hey, limey. What's your name?
„Bond. James Bond.”

93. oldal, Part Three - Him / Ten - Whassat?

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I was just running away from the person I'd been for the past five years. I wasn't particularly pleased with the person I was now, but I had hated and despised the other one, and I was glad to be rid of her face.

Part One - Me / One - Scaredy Cat, 14. oldal

SDániel P>!

„Loneliness becomes a lover, solitude a darling sin.” Where had I read that? Who had written it? It was so exactly the way I felt, the way that, as a child, I had always felt until I had forced myself to „get into the swim”, „be one of the crowd” – a good sort, on the ball, hep. And what a hash I had made of „togetherness”! I shrugged the memory of failure away. Everyone doesn't have to live in a heap. Painters, writers, musicians are lonely people. So are statesmen and admirals and generals. But then, I added to be fair, so are criminals and lunatics. Let's just say, not to be too flattering that true individuals are lonely.

Part One - Me / One - Scaredy Cat, 14. - 15. oldal

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No woman had ever held this man. None ever would. He was a solitary, a man who walked alone and kept his heart to himself. He would hate involvement. I sighed. All right. I would play it that way. I would let him go. I wouldn't cry when he did. Not even afterward. Wasn't I the girl who had decided to oparate without the heart?

108. oldal, Part Three - Him / Twelve - To Sleep - Perchance to Die!

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The scars of my terror had been healed, wiped away, by this stranger who slept with a gun under his pillow, this secret agent who was only known by a number.
A secret agent? I didn't care what he did. A number? I had already forgotten it. I knew exactly who he was and what he was. And everything, every smallest detail, would be written on my heart forever.

143. oldal, Part Three - Him / Fifteen - The Writing on My Heart

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