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Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Ian Fleming: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

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When Bond rescues a beautiful, reckless girl from self destruction, he finds himself with a lead on one of the most dangerous men in world – Enrst Stavro Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE. In the snow-bound fastness of his Alpine base, Blofeld is conducting research that could threaten the safety of the world. To thwart the evil genius, Bond must get himself and the vital information he has gathered out of the base and keep away from SPECTRE's agents. Which may require the help of someone who is both beautiful and a little reckless…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1963

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AudioGO, 2012
ISBN: 9781471309533 · Felolvasta: David Tennant
Thomas & Mercer, Seattle, 2012
270 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781612185552
Penguin, UK, 2004
272 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780141187556

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James Bond · Ernst Stavro Blofeld · Le Chiffre · M · Theresa " Tracy" Draco Bond · Vesper Lynd

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It was one of those Septembers when it seemed that the summer would never end.

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If there was one thing that set James Bond really moving in life, with the execption of gun-play, it was being passed at speed by a beautiful girl

12. oldal, 2 / Gran Turismo

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James Bond idled through the pretty approaches to Royale, through the young beeches and the heavy-scented pines, looking forward to the evening and remembering his other annual pilgrimages to this place and, particularly, the great battle across the baize he had with Le Chiffre so many years ago. He had come a long way since then, dodged many bulletts and much death and loved many girls, but there had been a drama and a poignancy about that particular adventure that every year drew him back to Royale and its casino and to the small granite cross in the little churchyard that simply said 'Vesper Lynd. RIP'.
And now what was the place holding for him on this beautiful September evening? A big win? A painful loss? A beautiful girl – that beautiful girl?

14-15. oldal, 2/ Gran Turismo

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'You think Blofeld's smart because you've seen the smart side of him,' said Sable Basilisk sapiently. 'I've seen hundreds of smart people from the City, industry, politics – famous people I've been quite frightened to meet when they walked into this room. But when it comes to snobbery, to buying respectability so to speak, whether it's the title they're going to choose or just a coat of arms to hang over their fire-places in Surbiton, the dwindle and dwindle in front of you' – he made a downward motion over his desk with his hand -' until they're no bigger than homunculi. And the woman are even worse. The idea of suddenly becoming a „lady” in their small community is so intoxicating that the way they bare their souls is positively obscene.

68. oldal, 7 / The Hairy Heel if Achilles

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Bond suddenly thought, Hell! I'll never find another girl like this one. She's got everything I've looked for in a woman. She's beautiful, in bed and out. She'd adventurous, brave, resourceful. She's exciting always. She's seems to love me. She'd let me go on with my life. She's a lone girl, not cluttered up with friends, relations, belongings. Above all, she needs me. It'll be someone for me to look after. I'm fed up with all these untidy, casual affairs that leave me with a bad conscience.

182-183. oldal, 19 / Love for Breakfast

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Bond looked round the walls at M's treasured collection of naval prints. Everywhere there were mountainous seas, crashing cannon, bellying sails, tattered battle pennants – the fury of ancient engagements, the memories of ancient enemies, the French, the Dutch, the Spaniards, even the Americans. All gone, all friends now with one another. Not a sign of enemies today.

191-192. oldal, 20 / M en Pantoufles

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They had coffee in M's study and smoked the thin black cheroots of which M allowed himself two a day. Bond burnt his tongue on his. M continued with his stories about the Navy which Bond could listen to all day – stories of battles, tornadoes, bizarre happenings, narrow shaves, court martial, eccentric officers, neatly-worded signals, as when Admiral Somerville, commanding the battleship Queen Elizabeth, had passed the liner Queen Elizabeth in mid-Atlantic and had signalled the one word 'SNAP'! Perhaps it was all just the stuff of boys' adventure books, but it was all true and it was about a great navy that was no more and a great breed of officers and seamen that would never be seen again.

195. oldal, 21 / The Man from Ag. and Fish.

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