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Through the Systems Development Life-Cycle
Ian Alexander: Scenarios, Stories, Use Cases

Communicating ​user needs – the requirements of a system – is a skill difficult to learn, pin down and put into practice. There is no single right way. Much of the recent history of large engineering projects has been a tale of waste and error, where system needs were not defined early, or carefully, enough. Carefully organised and themed, Scenarios, Stories, Use Cases presents the scenario – a powerful antidote to the complexity of systems and analysis – as an effective technique for discovering, communicating and organising requirements at any stage in the system life-cycle.
This book presents a range of scenario techniques from light, sketchy and agile to careful and systematic, and celebrates diversity in requirements discovery and modelling. Including real world case studies from Nokia, Eurocontrol and DaimlerChrysler, the authors demonstrate a variety of practical approaches to show how to apply scenarios to projects throughout the life-cycle. Domain coverage spans… (tovább)

Wiley, Hoboken, 2004
548 oldal · ISBN: 9780470861943

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