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Iain Pears: An Instance of the Fingerpost

An ​Instance of the Fingerpost is that rarest of all possible literary beasts – a mystery powered as much by ideas as by suspects, autopsies, and smoking guns. Hefty, intricately plotted, and intellectually ambitious, Fingerpost has drawn the inevitable comparisons to Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose and, for once, the comparison is apt.
The year is 1663, and the setting is Oxford, England, during the height of Restoration political intrigue. When Dr. Robert Grove is found dead in his Oxford room, hands clenched and face frozen in a rictus of pain, all the signs point to poison. Rashomon-like, the narrative circles around Grove's murder as four different characters give their version of events: Marco da Cola, a visiting Italian physician – or so he would like the reader to believe; Jack Prestcott, the son of a traitor who fled the country to avoid execution; Dr. John Wallis, a mathematician and cryptographer with a predilection for conspiracy… (tovább)

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1998

Vintage, UK, 1998
704 oldal · ISBN: 9780099751816

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Iain Pears: An Instance of the Fingerpost

Remek regény a 17. századról, és nem ám a Tracy Chevalier-féle vonulatból (amit nem bántok, mert amúgy szeretem), hanem tényleg inkább Ecóra hajazó minőség, igényesség és és összetettség jellemzi. A történetet – leegyszerűsítve egy gyilkosság ügyében való nyomozást – négy narrátor mondja el, a nézőpontokat sorban ismerjük meg, és az események persze mindig egészen más megvilágításba kerülnek, úgyhogy végül megkérdőjelezzük nemcsak a narrátorok szavahihetőségét, de azt is, hogy az igazság megismerhető-e egyáltalán. Amellett, hogy izgalmas „nyomozós” regény, az udvari üzelmekbe, a kora újkori városi és egyetemi életbe, na meg a kibontakozó vallási mozgalmakba is beletekinthetünk. És van benne kriptográfia is. :) Egy picit hosszú, de a végéért megéri, garantált lesz a meglepődés.

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Arianrhod P>!

The one thing which detained me was the newspaper, a journal printed in London and then distributed around the country, a most novel idea. It was surprisingly frank about affairs, containing reports not only of domestic matters but also detailed accounts of events in foreign places which interested me greatly. I was later informed, however, that they were milk and water productions in comparison to a few years previously, when the passion of faction brought forth a whole host of such organs. For the king, against the king, for Parliament, for the army, for or against this or that. Cromwell, and then the returned King Charles, did their best to restore some form of order, rightly surmising that such stuff merely lulls people into thinking that they understand matters of state. And a more foolish notion can scarcely be imagined, it being obvious that the reader is only informed of what the writer wishes him to know, and is thus seduced into believing almost anything. Such liberties do nothing but convert the grubby hacksters who produce these tracts into men of influence, so that they strut around as though they were gentlemen of quality. Anyone who has ever met one of these English journalists (so called, I believe, because they are paid by the day, like any common ditch-digger) will know just how ridiculous that is.

Arianrhod P>!

A brief glance disclosed a woman of, I suppose, about nineteen or twenty years of age, of average height but unnaturally slim of build—none of the plumpness that endows true Beauty. Indeed, my medical self half-wondered whether she might have a tendency to consumption and might benefit from a pipe of tobacco every evening.

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