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Iain M. Banks: Look To Windward Iain M. Banks: Look To Windward Iain M. Banks: Look To Windward Iain M. Banks: Look To Windward

It was one of the less glorious incidents of a long-ago war. It led to the destruction of two suns and the billions of lives they supported. Now, eight hundred years later, the light from the first of those ancient mistakes has reached the Culture Orbital, Masaq'. The light from the second may not.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2000

Orbit, London, 2009
310 oldal · ISBN: 9780316095839
Pocket Books, New York, 2002
496 oldal · ISBN: 9780743421928
Pocket Books, New York, 2001
384 oldal · ISBN: 9780743421911

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Iain M. Banks: Look To Windward

Jó volt a könyv, érdekesek a karakterek, de egyáltalán nem annyira, mint Banks más műveiben, amiket eddig olvastam. Szerintem kevésbé mászik bele a lélek mélységeibe, mint a Use of Weapons vagy a Player of Games, és mégcsak nem is meglepő a cselekmény.
Sőt, nagyon banális a vége. Én örültem volna, ha nincs happy end.

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Excuse me, are you edible?
Are you really talking to your food?
I don't know. I don't know if it is food.
In very primitive societies there wasn't even that; they got only a few days off each year!
But I thought primitive societies could be quite –
Primitive industrial, he meant. Take no notice. Will you stop poking that? You'll bruise it.
But can you eat it?
You can eat anything you can get into your mouth and swallow.
You know what I mean.
Ask, you idiot!
I just did.
Not it! Grief, what are you glanding? Should you be out? Where's your minder, terminal, whatever?

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Sorry to disturbe you, Ambassador. Hub here. You're closest; would you let Mr Olsule know he is speaking to an ordinary brooch, not his terminal?

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Of course, this is always assuming that none of your ship Minds were lying.
Oh, they never lie. They dissemble, evade, prevaricate, confound, confuse, distract, obscure, subtly misrepresent and wilfully misunderstand with what often appears to be a positively gleeful relish and are generally perfectly capable of contriving to give one an utterly unambiguous impression of their future course of action while in fact intending to do exactly the opposite, but they never lie. Perish the thought.

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