Hoppál Mihály (szerk.) · Simonkay Zsuzsanna (szerk.)

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Hoppál Mihály – Simonkay Zsuzsanna (szerk.): Shamans Unbound

The ​articles in this volume are based on the papers presented at the 8th conference of the International Society for Shamanistic Research (ISSR) held in Dobogókő, Hungary (June 1-6, 2007). About seventy people participated in the conference and fifty-five papers were presented on the proposed main topics: 1. Revival or Continuation of Shamanism; 2. Visual Presentation of Shamanic Rituals; 3. Shamanhood as a Way of Identity Building among Minorities. The papers were held in three workdays and ten sessions. The conference ended with the general assembly of the ISSR.

Some of the articles are worth of attention as they contain interesting new ideas or data: shamanism among the Buryats, Darkhat Mongols, Yakuts, Koreans, Khanty, Mari, Soras, Semang-Negritos, as well as shamans in Central Asian Popular Islam. Unfortunately not all participants have sent us the final version of their papers. Thus, there are twenty two articles published in this volume. However, fourteen papers… (tovább)

Akadémiai, Budapest, 2009
272 oldal · ISBN: 9789630586818

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