Vampire ​Hunter D 6. (Vampire Hunter D 6.) 0 csillagozás

Hideyuki Kikuchi – Saiko Takaki: Vampire Hunter D 6.

The Nobility have captured a young Frontierswoman named Tae and held her captive for eight years, and her prison – the remote Castle Gradinia – can only be accessed by those brave (or senseless) enough to cross into the no-man's-land known as the Outer Frontier. The mysterious „people finder” Granny Viper has been charged with the recovery of the girl…but can she trust her hired escorts, the notoriously shifty Bullow Brothers? In a race across treacherous terrain, it will be up to D to lead the charge and level all enemies on this rescue mission! „Vampire Hunter D” is famed horror-master Hideyuki Kikuchi's revolutionary tale of a beautiful Hunter and the war he is destined to wage against the bloodthirsty Nobility! D must intervene when the recapture of a young woman kidnapped by the Nobility is waylaid by a band of deviants whose unparalleled cruelty threatens the very lives of the rescue party! Will D make it across a vast desert and out of harm's way in time to save the girl?

Digital Manga, Gardena, 2011
240 oldal · ISBN: 9781569707913 · Illusztrálta: Saiko Takaki

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