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Present ​and Past in the Study of Religion and Magic 0 csillagozás

Hesz Ágnes – Pócs Éva (szerk.): Present and Past in the Study of Religion and Magic

The ​present collection of papers is based on the proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference held in 2017. The aim of this event was to explore the complex interconnections of present and past, the inter actions between contemporary research and the historical perspective. Participants were seeking to answer how and whether it was possible to study the present with the help of the past and to probe into the past with the help of the present; how the present may be understood with the help of the past and, vice versa; what connections between present and past could be studied today, and how and for what purposes present day societies “use” the past. The papers in this volume offer illustrations of the methodological heritage of past research traditions, as well as new results offered by modern investigations. Some of the articles also point out erroneous findings of past research, while opening up new ways of understanding existing source materials. The volume is divided into… (tovább)

A következő kiadói sorozatban jelent meg: Vallásantropológiai tanulmányok Közép-Kelet-Európából Balassi

Balassi, Budapest, 2019
390 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9789634560562

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