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Henning Mankell: The Pyramid Henning Mankell: The Pyramid Henning Mankell: The Pyramid

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The ​missing piece of the internationally bestselling Kurt Wallander mystery series: the story of Wallander's beginnings, told in five gripping short mysteries.

„What happened to Wallander before the series began?…Several years ago, right when I was done with the fifth book, Sidetracked, I realized that I had started to write stories in my head that took place long before the start of the series.” – from Henning Mankell's foreword

At last, a key addition to the Kurt Wallander mystery series: the book of short mysteries that takes us back to the beginning. Here we meet Wallander the twenty-one-year-old patrolman on his first criminal investigation, Wallander the young father facing an unexpected danger on Christmas Eve, Wallander on the brink of middle age solving a case of poisoning, the newly separated Wallander investigating the murder of a local photographer, and Wallander the veteran detective discovering unexpected connections between a downed mystery plane and… (tovább)

Eredeti cím: Pyramiden

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1999

392 oldal · ISBN: 9781565849945

Kiemelt értékelések

Henning Mankell: The Pyramid

Jó kis detektívtörténetek, bár a pontos idő és hőmérséklet lehetne kicsit ritkább szereplő.
De mivel ez még csak az első kötet amit tőle olvastam, biztos helye van a várólistán a többi könyvének.

Népszerű idézetek


'You have to know when it's time to quit,' Hemberg said. 'That may be the most important thing of all.'

Wallender's first case, Chapter 2


'How is my father doing?'
'He is a very determined man,' Radwan answered. 'But his English is unfortunately difficult to understand.'
He doesn't speak any English at all, Wallander thought helplessly.


'Who would be out flying around in the dark without a particular reason?'
'There are so many idiots,' Rydberg said. 'You should know that.'


The man behind the counter was Hungarian. Even though he had lived here since 1956 he spoke Swedish very badly.

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