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Harry Richardson: The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled

In ​the scorching sands of Arabia, Mohammed ibn Abdullah (The Prophet Mohammed) had a problem. After preaching for 13 years he had attracted on average just 12 followers a year to his new religion of Islam. Worse still, half the people in his home town of Mecca wanted to kill him. After fleeing to Medina however, things would change dramatically.

Over the course of the next 9 years, this orphaned shepherd boy would develop the most devastating system of conquest ever devised; Jihad. He would become King of all Arabia and convert the entire Peninsula to Islam. Even his enemies would be forced to worship at his feet.

After his death the uneducated desert Arabs would burst out on an unsuspecting world. Using this same system of Jihad, they would conquer both of the world’s greatest empires in just a few short years. Within 3 decades they would control the majority of the Middle East, North Africa and Northern India. Today the empire of Islam comprises 1.3 billion… (tovább)

CreateSpace, Washington, 2013
148 oldal · ISBN: 9781496019332

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Harry Richardson: The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled

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