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Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party Harold Pinter: The Birthday Party

Stanley Webber is visited in his boarding house by strangers, Goldberg and McCann. An innocent-seeming birthday party for Stanley turns into a nightmare.

The Birthday Party was first performed in 1958 and is now a modern classic, produced and studied throughout the world.

Faber and Faber, London, 1991
96 oldal · ISBN: 9780571160785
Faber and Faber, London
88 oldal

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GOLDBERG […] That's the sort of man I am. Not size but quality. A little Austin, tea in Fullers, a library book from Boots, and I'm satisfied.

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LULU. Why don’t you have a wash? You look terrible.
STANLEY. A wash wouldn’t make any difference.


STANLEY (abruptly). How would you like to go away with me?
LULU. Where.
STANLEY. Nowhere. Still, we could go.
LULU. But where could we go?
STANLEY. Nowhere. There’s nowhere to go. So we could just go. It wouldn’t matter.
LULU. We might as well stay here.
STANLEY. No. It’s no good here.
LULU. Well, where else is there?
STANLEY. Nowhere.


MCCANN. Who are you, Webber?
GOLDBERG. What makes you think you exist?
MCCANN. You’re dead.
GOLDBERG. You’re dead. You can’t live, you can’t think, you can’t love. You’re dead. You’re a plague gone bad. There’s no juice in you. You’re nothing but an odour!

Gregöria_Hill >!

STANLEY Ever been anywhere in Maidenhead?
STANLEY There's a Fuller's teashop. I used to have my tea there.
McCANN I don't know it.
STANLEY And a Boots Library. I seem to connect you with the High Street.

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