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The Coming Conflict with China
Hal Brands – Michael Beckley: Danger Zone Hal Brands – Michael Beckley: Danger Zone

It ​has become conventional wisdom that America and China are running a “superpower marathon” that may last a century. Yet Hal Brands and Michael Beckley pose a counterintuitive question: What if the sharpest phase of that competition is more like a decade-long sprint?

The Sino-American contest is driven by clashing geopolitical interests and a stark ideological dispute over whether authoritarianism or democracy will dominate the 21st century. But both history and China’s current trajectory suggest that this rivalry will reach its moment of maximum danger in the 2020s.

China is at a perilous moment: strong enough to violently challenge the existing order, yet losing confidence that time is on its side. Numerous examples from antiquity to the present show that rising powers become most aggressive when their fortunes fade, their difficulties multiply, and they realize they must achieve their ambitions now or miss the chance to do so forever. China has already started… (tovább)

W. W. Norton & Company, New York, 2022
304 oldal · keménytáblás · ISBN: 9781324021308
Tantor Media, Old Saybrook, 2022
ASIN: B0B8F21G7L · Felolvasta: Nancy Wu
W. W. Norton & Company, New York, 2022
292 oldal · ASIN: B09TQ446Z7

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