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Haas János (szerk.): Geology of Hungary Haas János (szerk.): Geology of Hungary

The aim of the publication of an English version of the ”Geology of Hungary” in a single volume is to present an outline of the main features of the geology and geohistory of the region for the benefit of foreign geoscientists interested in this area. In developing the text we attempted to follow the evolutionary history of the major structural units. Naturally it was not possible to follow this principle in discussing the polymetamorphic complexes. In such cases a lithological-lithostratigraphic approach was applied. Due to the geohistorical approach to this study it was necessary to extend the scope of the discussion beyond the present-day political boundaries of Hungary, to cover most of the Pannonian region.

ELTE Eötvös, Budapest, 2001
316 oldal · ISBN: 9634633854

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