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Gerald Durrell: The Stationary Ark Gerald Durrell: The Stationary Ark

Gerald Durrell has been a zoo-maniac since the age of two when he started collecting everything alive, from minnows to woodlice. When, finally, he decided to set up the Wildlife Preservation Trust in Jersey, he determined that it would be different from those zoos – alas, the majority – to which parents reluctantly take children to ride an elephant and get sick on ice cream, and where animals are simply imprisoned. His would be certainly a place for entertainment, but it would be a research laboratory, and educational establishment and a conversation unit as well…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1976

Collins / Fontana, 1977
158 oldal · ISBN: 9780006350002
Fontana, Glasgow, 1976
158 oldal

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Gerald Durrell: The Stationary Ark

Komolyabb könyv, mint amit Durrelltől megszoktam, de még így is szellemes és olvastatja magát. És persze megint tele akarom rámolni a házat állatokkal – most épp a gorilla meg a bushbaby a kedvenc :)

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They say it is wrong to take away the 'liberty' of an animal. If they knew anything at all about the animal's life, I would not mind, but they do not. What they are implying is that by putting an animal in a cage you are depriving him of a chance of taking a package deal holiday on the Costa Brava, of going to a concert at Albert Hall or skiing in the Alps. To these well-intentioned people, animals are small fury human beings; Uncle Fred and Aunty Freda in a fur coat. But they are not; they are individuals with their own ways of looking at things, their own likes and dislikes. So it is important, especially when criticizing, to look at things from the animal's point of view and not your own. After all, you would not necessary like to mate with a female hippo, but there are lots of male hippos who would.

The Gilded Cage

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