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Proving Your Value in the Age of Brilliant Technology
Geoff Colvin: Humans Are Underrated Geoff Colvin: Humans Are Underrated Geoff Colvin: Humans Are Underrated Geoff Colvin: Humans Are Underrated

From ​the bestselling author of Talent is Overrated, an extensive look at the essential human skills that can never be replaced by technology.

In the economy of a few years from now, what will people do better than computers? Technology is rapidly invading fields that it once could not touch, driving cars better than humans do, predicting Supreme Court decisions better than legal experts, packing boxes, identifying faces, scurrying around hospitals delivering medications, all faster, more reliably, less expensively than people. In a world like that, how will we and our children achieve a rising standard of living?

The real issue is what we humans are hardwired to do for and with one another, arising from our deepest, most essentially human abilities—empathy, social sensitivity, storytelling, humor, forming relationships, creativity. These are how we create value that all people hunger for, that is unique and not easily quantified.

Individuals and companies… (tovább)

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Portfolio, 2015
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Portfolio, 2015
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