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Gemma Correll: The Feminist Activity Book

Looking to smash the patriarchy and get your arts and crafts on?

Want to have a laugh while taking down sexist stereotypes?

Look no further than Gemma Correll’s Feminist Activity Book , where your dress up doll can wear whatever she wants and the only thing limiting your sexuality is the size of your colored pencil collection. Welcome to the games, coloring projects, and crafts of your egalitarian dreams!

The Feminist Activity Book has everything you need to usher in an era of colorful and intersectional joy. Featuring such activities as Feminist All-Star Trading Cards, Destroy the Page-Triarchy, Sexist Social Media Bingo, and A Feminist ABC, The Feminist Activity Book will fuel your feminist rage, remind you to laugh once in awhile, and bring you one step closer to an egalitarian utopia, or whatever.

Seal Press, 2016
64 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 158005630X

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