Accepting ​the Impossible (Guide to Armageddon 1.) 1 csillagozás

Gabrielle Evans: Accepting the Impossible

When the war between humans and paranormals escalates into biological warfare, humans suddenly find themselves topping the endangered species list.

Forced underground by the New Order, Warren Colfax has to believe that sleeping in the foul sewers is preferable to becoming a paranormal’s plaything. When a raid for supplies lands him right in the hands of the enemy, the last thing he expected was for the “monster” to step in as his protector.

Lieutenant Drakon Rhinegold isn’t impressed with fate’s choice of pairing him with a human, but when circumstances out of his control arise, he finds himself responsible for Warren whether he likes it or not.

In a new world where nothing is ever as black and white as it seems, the pair will have to overcome their preconceived notions, look past the surface, and learn to trust all over again if they have any hope of surviving Armageddon.

Siren Publishing, Austin, 2012
130 oldal · ISBN: 9781622417483

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