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Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini
Gabriel Cousens: Spiritual Nutrition

When we eat, can we feed the soul as well as the body? Can a diet have an impact on spirituality? Spiritual Nutrition empowers readers to develop personal diets that are appropriate to their lifestyles and spiritual practices. Drawing on 14 years of clinical experience and research, Dr. Gabriel Cousens discusses nutritional issues that can help answer these questions, including raw vs. cooked food; high vs. low protein; the concepts of assimilation and fasting; alkaline--acid balance; attitudes about food; nutrients, energy, and structure building.

In addition, Cousens shares his new dietary system of „spiritual nutrition” that is based on the relationship that the color of the food has to corresponding colors of the human chakra system, hence, the „rainbow diet.” For true nourishment, he strongly promotes the connection of diet to meditation, fellowship, wisdom, and love.

600 oldal · ISBN: 9781556434990

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