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Frank Herbert: God Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert: God Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert: God Emperor of Dune Frank Herbert: God Emperor of Dune

In this fourth novel of Frank Herbert's far-reaching and hugely influential Dune series, it is 3,500 years after the setting of the original DUNE, and Paul Atreides's son, Leto II, has evolved into a deity--half man, half beast (sandworm). Much like the gods of Greek myth, Leto is vengeful, suspicious, and envious of his subjects. He even chooses to wed a mortal. Veterans of the entire series, narrators Simon Vance, Scott Brick, and Katherine Kellgren are so familiar and comfortable with the extensive vocabulary and world of DUNE that they effortlessly bring the many characters, philosophical discussions, and diary entries into an incisive sonic whole. An unexpected and devastating conclusion illustrates just how human some gods can be.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1981

Ace, 2008
436 oldal · ISBN: 0441294677 · ASIN: B001F0WXX6
Ace, New York, 1987
432 oldal · ISBN: 9780441294671
Putnam, New York, 1981
keménytáblás · ISBN: 0399125930

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Most civilisation is based on cowardice. It's so easy to civilize by teaching cowardice. You water down the standards which would lead to bravery. You restrain the will. You regulate the appetites. You fence in the horizons. You make a law for every movement. You deny the existence of chaos. You teach even the children to breathe slowly. You tame.

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You know it's love when you want to give joy and damn the consequences.

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