Love's ​Suspicion (Warrior Camp 15.) 0 csillagozás

Flynn Eire: Love's Suspicion

Ellison was completely forgotten, some side note to the warriors at the Nowhere, WY camp and people he’d trained with. A vague memory some thought to check in with, but that was it… But to him, they were clearly saying he wasn’t worth checking on or saving.

Back after the hellish assignment in Quebec, all he wants is answers and people punished for what happened there and to him. And he really wants his past with Tadzio to stop adding to his pain. Having a gift that kills, one he had to use too many times, weighs on him enough.

The only hope he has that his past won’t eat him is an ancient at the camp, Seneca, who has the same gift as him. Even if he’s now suspicious of just about everyone, this one man seems to be able to easily vault that wall he’s put up to protect himself. The real question is—can Ellison forgive himself enough to open up and accept what this stranger offers him and heal his heart?

108 oldal · ASIN: B0765TKLJ3

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