Practical ​Software Development Techniques 0 csillagozás

Tools and Techniques for Building Enterprise Software
Edward Crookshanks: Practical Software Development Techniques

This ​book provides an overview of tools and techniques used in enterprise software development, many of which are not taught in academic programs or learned on the job. This is an ideal resource containing lots of practical information and code examples that you need to master as a member of an enterprise development team.

This book aggregates many of these „on the job” tools and techniques into a concise format and presents them as both discussion topics and with code examples. The reader will not only get an overview of these tools and techniques, but also several discussions concerning operational aspects of enterprise software development and how it differs from smaller development efforts.

For example, in the chapter on Design Patterns and Architecture, the author describes the basics of design patterns but only highlights those that are more important in enterprise applications due to separation of duties, enterprise security, etc.

The architecture… (tovább)

Apress, New York, 2014
ISBN: 9781484207291

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