The ​People of the Pit-grave Kurgans in Eastern Hungary 0 csillagozás

Ecsedy István: The People of the Pit-grave Kurgans in Eastern Hungary

The present book discusses the relics of the ancient nom adic tribes of steppic origin in Eastern Hungary. These tribes were given different names like oshre-grave culture, pit-grave (Yamnaya) culture, kurgan culture, on the basis of the most striking features of the unearthed gr aves. The graves have been covered with barrows (kurgans) for four millennia. These so-called Cumanian barrows ar e characteristic of the landscape in the Tisza region. The analysis of the burials enables us to present some new viewpoints regarding the migration of the earliest Pontic nomadic tribes. Further it makes clear some historical problems and reveals the connections of the steppe people having decisive role on the development of their way of life. The valuable contributions of experts of auxiliary sciences happily complete the volume.

A következő kiadói sorozatban jelent meg: Fontes archaeologici Hungariae Akadémiai

Akadémiai, Budapest, 1979
148 oldal · ISBN: 9630517337 · Fordította: V. Ecsedy Judit, Pordány László, Szabó János, Wodala János

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