So ​Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy 4.) 18 csillagozás

Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

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There is a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. It's not an easy thing to do and Arthur Dent thinks he's the only human who's been able to master this nifty little trick – until he meets Fenchurch, the girl of his dreams.

Fenchurch knows how the world could be made a good and happy place. Unfortunately she's forgotten. Convinced that the secret lies within God's Final Message to His Creation they go in search of it.

And in a dramatic break with tradition – actually find it…

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 1984

Pan Books, London, 2009
168 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9780330508605
Pan Books, London, 1985
166 oldal · ISBN: 9780330287005
Pan Books, London, 1985
192 oldal · ISBN: 0330287001

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Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Nekem nagyon tetszett ez a rész is, annak ellenére, hogy nem volt annyira akciódús, mint az előző pár kötet. Nagyon jókat nevettem rajta, bár Marvin most először rendesen elszomorított. Ugyanakkor Isten utolsó üzenete nagyon tetszett és bárcsak így lenne. Már száguldok is tovább a befejezőkötetre.

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Douglas Adams: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Isten végső üzentéhez eljutni elég rögös volt az út, de megérte. Adams gondolom ezt is csak egy nagy poénnak szánta, de ha tényleg ez lenne Isten üzenete, én még ki is lennék vele békülve. Legalább lenne üzenet. De mielőtt vallási területre tévednénk, a repülős részek nagyon tetszettek. Meg a tombola. Arthur Dent szerelmesen is ugyanolyan idióta, mint azelőtt. Csak tudnám, Trillian hová lett…

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Ford was walking north. He thought he was probably on his way to the spaceport, but he had thought that before. He knew he was going through that part of the city where people’s plans often changed quite abruptly.
“Do you want to have a good time?” said a voice from a doorway.
“As far as I can tell,” said Ford, “I’m having one. Thanks.”
“Are you rich?” said another.
This made Ford laugh.
He turned and opened his arms in a wide gesture. “Do I look rich?” he said.
“Don’t know,” said the girl. “Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you’ll get rich. I have a very special service for rich people …”
“Oh yes?” said Ford, intrigued but careful. “And what’s that?”
“I tell them it’s OK to be rich.”


Suddenly [Ford] realized what the answer to the problem was, and it was this, that something very weird was happening; and if something very weird was happening, he thought, he wanted it to be happening to him.

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There is a feeling which persists in England that making a sandwich interesting, attractive, or in any way pleasant to eat is something sinful that only foreigners do.

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Hardly, he felt, the most conducive setting to try to explain to her as she sat there, suddenly cool and defensive, that in a sort of out-of-body dream he had had a telepathic sense that the mental breakdown she had suffered had been connected with the fact that, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, the Earth had been demolished to make way for a new hyperspace bypass, something which he alone on Earth knew anything about, having virtually witnessed it from a Vogon spaceship, and the furthermore both his body and soul ached for her unbearably and he needed to go to bed with her as soon as was humanly possible.

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He wanted her and didn't care who knew it. He definitely and absolutely wanted her, adored her, longed for her, wanted to do more things than there were names for with her.

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He almost danced to the fridge, found the three least hairy things in it, put them on a plate and watched them intently for two minutes. Since they made no attempt to move within that time he called them breakfast and ate them. Between them they killed a virulent space disease he'd picked up without knowing it in the Flargathon Gas Swamps a few days earlier, which otherwise would have killed off half the population of the Western Hemisphere, blinded the other half, and driven everyone else psychotic and sterile, so the Earth was lucky there.

Chapter 8


„Life,” he said, „is like a grapefruit.”
„Er, how so?”
„Well, it's sort of orangy-yellow and dimpled on the outside, wet and squidgy in the middle. It's got pips inside, too. Oh, and some people have half a one for breakfast.”


There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler's mind.



See first, think later, then test. But always see first. Otherwise you will only see what you're expecting. Most scientists forget that.

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