Troubled ​Waters 0 csillagozás

Dominique David – Cristina Cuadra – Rudi Miel: Troubled Waters

'Troubled waters' tells us the adventures of Irina Vega, the fictitious central character and member of the European Parliament. She is involved in a sinister story of pollutants in a European river. The album is thus presented as a real whodunnit with a plot, suspense and developments that alternate with some European Parliament scenes of life. This cartoon strip is mainly destined to the young public but it can be read by a wider public too. The scenario rejects the austerity that such a theme could have implied. At the end of the cartoon strip, you can find a glossary that explains all of the technical and insitutional terms very clearly. About 'Troubled waters', Pat Cox, president of the European Parliament explained that they wished to launch a simple, direct and efficient information campaign and evitate platitudes. The album was presented at the 30th Cartoon Strip Festival of Angoulême, where it received the 'Alph-Art'

40 oldal · ISBN: 9282316653 · Illusztrálta: Dominique David

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