A ​Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch 6.) 3 csillagozás

Debora Geary: A Celtic Witch

Cassidy Farrell is a world-class Celtic fiddler. And if she has her way, that's exactly who she'll stay.

Except that's not what the rocks have in mind. Or a certain fetching spell. Or the truth working its way free in her own heart.

Can the music, and perhaps a certain grumpy curmudgeon and his baby girl, help Cass find her life's new song?

A Celtic Witch is book six of the top-rated A Modern Witch series. Light contemporary fantasy with a good dose of humor, a little romance, and characters you won't want to leave.

Eredeti megjelenés éve: 2013

248 oldal · ASIN: B00BVDRHN8

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Beatrice8 P>!
Debora Geary: A Celtic Witch

A jó hír, hogy úgy néz ki az előző rész csak valami megingás volt, mert ez ugyanannyira tetszett, mint az összes addigi rész. Rossz hír nincs, szuper volt. :D
Szokás szerint gyönyörűen volt megírva. A szereplők szeretettel teliek. A humor sem maradt el. Könnyen lehetett olvasni, és bár egyértelmű volt a végkifejlett, mégis felkeltette a figyelmemet. Nem voltak fölösleges problémázások, csak őszinte bizonytalanság.
Marcust most már tényleg megszerettem, ahogy természetesen a kis Morigant is.
Off: Sikerült ezt a részt annak a nyaralásnak a folytatása alatt olvasnom, ahol az előzőt is olvastam.

Debora Geary: A Celtic Witch

Ez volt az eddigi legmisztikusabb rész, ennek megfelelően még a végén sem kaptam semmi magyarázatot Cass tehetségére (sajnos). Volt egy kis találgatás Sophie-tól, de nem a megszokott alaposságú.
Cass szuper karakter, zenészekről és egyéb művészekről mindig jó olvasni, mert egészen más világba tartoznak, mint én :) Tetszett a hazavágyás boncolgatása, ilyen megvilágításban eddig nem olvastam/hallottam a nehézségekről, amikkel a kitelepülők szembesülnek. Örülök, hogy Nan végül spoiler.
Nellék ebben a részben eléggé háttérbe szorultak, remélem az utolsó részben ők is szerepelnek majd egy kicsit, hiányzik az ő nyüzsgésük is :) Arról nem is beszélve, hogy Lauren nem nagyon szerepel a történetekben – az első részben behozták, azóta csak néha felbukkan kanalizálni. Szóval jó lenne az utolsó részben kicsit az ő soráról is hallani majd.

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Beatrice8 P>!

It was the small things that made a day worth living, and she found so very many of them here.

Beatrice8 P>!

„Take small, presistent steps.” Nell's kindness filled the tub. „And be brave enough to hope.”

Beatrice8 P>!

She grinned up at him. „Fower.”
Argh. Marcus rolled his eyes. „We left flowers all over the village yesterday.” People were beginning to talk.
„Fower.” This time, he was fairly convinced she even managed to bat her eyelashes.
He nuzzled into a cold cheek and growled. „Your wiles are wasted on me, silly girl.” A lie if there ever was one. She got more adorable every day—and he got less immune.
Perhaps reason would work. „Forty-eight-year-old witches don't learn new magic tricks. Maybe Sophie will make you flowers.”
It was damnably hard to argue with someone who only had a vocabulary of six words. And he suspected an increase in her vocabulary wasn't something to look forward to.

Beatrice8 P>!

„And what is it that Nell needs to know so urgently?”
Green eyes twinkled enough to blanket the night sky. „That we've fetched our witch, of course.”
Sophie stared. „Witch? You scanned her?”
„Of course not.” Moira raised an eyebrow. „You think I need such a thing to tell when one of my own has power running in her veins?”
It would be a waste of air to point out that not all the Irish were related. Moira adopted people with relish and little regard for pesky things like genetics.

Beatrice8 P>!

Moira put down the hood of her cloak, but didn't take it off. „I'm only staying a minute. I came to deliver a message. There's a big dinner up at the inn tonight. Lobster stew.”
His favorite—and in normal times, a very welcome invitation. A warm meal cooked by someone else and plenty of able-bodied volunteers to kepp Morgan out of the plant life.
These, however, were not normal times. They had a visitor. Suspicion raked the back of his neck. „And why might the inn suddenly be trying to serve me lobster stew?”
His aunt shrugged, rippling her cloak. „To welcome Cassidy, I assume.”
Even he wasn't addlebrained enough to believe it was that simple. Marcus shook his head. „Womenfolk and witches.” Meddlers, all of them.
Moira's eyes flashed. „It's Aaron who's issuing this invitation, and last time I checked, he was neither woman nor witch.”
That just meant the meddlers were pushing from the shadows. „And who planted the idea of a big supper in the first place, hmm?”
„I've no idea.” The innocence on his aunt's face could be easily faked—the honest sincerity in her mind, not so much. „I assumed Aaron had a whim, what with a new guest at the inn and all.”
Hecate's hells. Marcus took out his frustrations on the hapless egg. „In that case, I apologize for assuming you were trying to run my life yet again.”
The eyes that watched him were thoughtful now. „We've done rather a lot of that in the last year, I'll admit.”
He slowed his attack on the mess in his bowl. The last year had taught him much about his obligations in this continental dance of people through his hous and his life. It wasn't always right to dump surliness onto the nearest visitor—even if they deserved it. And sometimes, the best of them deserved honesty. Aunt Moira was the very best. „I was stuck. Sometimes it takes a push to get a body moving.”
„Aye.” One word, loaded with more empathy than most people received in their lifetime.

Beatrice8 P>!

The music sang of tears. Of the empty spaces in a heart and the impossible task of filling them. Of failing against a world that asked too much and gave too little.
He knew the words. He'd spent forty-three years of his life feeling that way. And not once had he been able to tell his story with any kind of eloquence. Hearing it out loud twisted his insides like storm-wracked seaweed. And it broke his heart.
Cassidy was full of life and light—she souldn't know his story.

Beatrice8 P>!

Witch parents like that and superboy for a brother, you'd think the girl would be growing up with an inferiority complex.
He was pretty sure Ginia had never felt inferior in her whole life.

Beatrice8 P>!

„I'll miss them so.”
Sophie smiled. „They can port to the bus for a visit any time you want.” She nudged Nan. „That goes for you as well.”
Tears pricked green eyes. „It will take me a while to work up my nerve again. But I will.”
Moira knew something about old Irish nerves. She suspected the bus would have a visitor by dinnertime.

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