The ​Screenwriter's Bible 1 csillagozás

David Trottier: The Screenwriter's Bible

The ​Screenwriter's Bible is six books in one.

Book 1 – A screenwriting primer that provides a concise presentation of screenwriting basics.

Book 2 – A workbook that walks the writer through the writing process, from nascent ideas through revisions.

Book 3 – A formatting guide that presents correct formats for both screenplays and TV scripts.

Book 4 – A spec writing guide that demonstrates today's spec style through sample scenes and analysis.

Book 5 – A sales and marketing guide that presents proven strategies to help you create a laser-sharp marketing plan.

Book 6 – A resource guide that provides addresses and contacts for industry organizations, schools, publications, support groups, services, contests, etc. Among its wealth of practical information are sample query letters, useful worksheets and checklists, hundreds of examples, sample scenes, and straightforward explanations of screenwriting fundamentals. The „Bible” was a… (tovább)

Silman-James Press, Los Angeles, US, 2005
386 oldal · puhatáblás · ISBN: 9781879505841

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